Community Benefits

Reinforcing the Site’s Role as a Community Node
The Reimagine Galleria proposal takes a comprehensive approach towards enhancing an established community node in the west end. The considered amenities, services and public realm improvements, each contribute toward reinforcing Galleria’s role as an important, central gathering space for residents in this part of Toronto’s west end.
Diversity of Housing
The Reimagine Galleria proposal offers a diversity of housing options not currently available in this community, including a mix of rental and ownership tenures and units ranging from studio to three bedrooms. The proposal includes three tall buildings as a new alternative for the community, and as well as affordable housing units integrated as part of the Wallace Emerson Community Centre.
Mix of Uses
Reimagine Galleria will be an extension of the city and its neighbourhoods, offering a wide range of housing options, retail offerings, employment opportunities, community services, amenities, and public gathering spaces for the local community. The proposal expands on the current site’s uses by introducing commercial and office, including smaller maker spaces, professional office and medium scale spaces. With this dynamic mix of uses, Galleria will become a complete community for all types of people to live, work, shop and play.
A 21st Century Park & Community Centre
The Reimagine Galleria proposal goes beyond the typical approach of an integrated park and community centre, by offering a combination of programmatic elements and flexible spaces that open up opportunities for both active and passive leisure and recreation. By considering the Reimagine Galleria site comprehensively, the redevelopment will expand on its civic assets for great enjoyment, access and safety, and will serve as a model for other communities. There is an opportunity to innovate and create a model of a 21st Century Park that not only becomes an anchor point for the surrounding neighbourhoods, but also demonstrates how to optimize public land to achieve multiple community and city objectives. It isn’t just about providing park space, but providing high quality, flexible, programmable space.
Focus on Mobility & Public Realm
The Reimagine Galleria proposal enhances mobility on site and prioritizes active transportation by putting pedestrians and cyclists first. The new diagonal street will be a complete street, filling a key gap in the cycling network and celebrating the bike community. Streets will be designed with widened sidewalks, landscape treatments, active retail frontages, and a street grid that connects desire lines for a safe, pedestrian and bike-friendly environment.
Mobility Choices
In addition to an improved pedestrian environment and new cycling connectivity, the Reimagine Galleria proposal will establish a framework that enables the potential for local and regional transit routes to extend into the Galleria site, and facilitate improved connectivity for local residents.
Reflective of Community & History
The Reimagine Galleria proposal builds on the community’s legacy and authenticity. The new diagonal street aligns with existing pedestrian pathways and desire lines, established by the existing Community Centre building’s layout. The introduction of new maker spaces is both reflective of Dupont’s industrial legacy and its emerging artscape.
Comprehensive Design Excellence
The Reimagine Galleria proposal promotes a comprehensive approach that looks at the site as a whole. With exceptional, thoughtful architecture, Reimagine Galleria creates a distinct identity and enhances the area character while respecting the surrounding neighbourhoods. The proposal also incorporates sustainable design, encompassing a range of innovative solutions to achieve environmental, social, cultural and economical sustainability.