Solidify the site's role as a community hub
Amenities will be designed to make the site an important central gathering space.
Create a space with a variety of mixed uses
The community will include a dynamic mix of uses for people to live, work, shop, and play.
Deliver housing options
A broad range of housing options from rental to ownership will be available.
Focus on prioritizing active transportation
Generous sidewalks and landscape treatments plus active retail frontage and fine-grained street patterns will enable enhanced pedestrian and cyclist mobility, in and around the site.
Enhance local and regional transit
An additional bus bay along Dufferin, plus internal streets designed to accommodate bus movements will improve and extend transit connectivity.
Reflect the site’s industrial legacy
Retention of existing retail and introduction of new community-based maker spaces reflect Dupont’s industrial legacy and its role as amenity hub and emerging artist community.
Promote design excellence
Develop a holistic design framework, leveraging public space south of the new diagonal street, and new mixed use area to the north. The framework will enable excellence in design of the park, community centre, public realm and mixed use buildings.