The Master Plan will provide:
residential units
29,912 m2
(321,970 ft2) retail GFA
parkland dedication
3,595 spaces
cycling infrastructure
4,721 m2
affordable housing
4,721 m2
(68,792 ft2) office GFA
4,721 m2
(51,000 ft2) community centre

residentialResidential (sq. ft.)
ReimagineGalleria 2,399,221 2004EntitlementPlan 1,414,377 GalleriaToday 0

retailRetail (sq. ft.)
ReimagineGalleria 322,000 2004EntitlementPlan 38,750 GalleriaToday 225,000

officeOffice (sq. ft.)
ReimagineGalleria 68,792 2004EntitlementPlan 0 GalleriaToday 5,000

Five major structuring moves have been developed to implement the Master Planning principles. They define a series of moves that comprehensively organize the site.
Establish a new diagonal street to connect key desire lines

A new street will be introduced to provide a direct route from Dufferin to Dupont while maximizing public frontage onto Wallace Emerson Park.

Enhance public park and reimagine the community centre using all the lands south of the new diagonal street

Wallace Emerson Park will be expanded and reconfigured with a cohesive vision and comprehensive program to provide a full-range of spaces for active and passive recreation, sports and leisure, as well as improve access and safety.

Provide the opportunity to bring transit into the Reimagine Galleria site

The new diagonal street and new north-south public street will provide the opportunity for transit to be brought into the site in closer proximity to the retail and new civic heart of the development.

Create 5-Points Plaza, a central gathering space at the heart of the Reimagine Galleria site

A central gathering space will be created to formalize the existing nature of the mall as a social space for everyone in the community.

Provide a mix of uses

The Reimagine Galleria redevelopment will include a diversity of non-residential uses including anchor retail tenants, local businesses and office uses. Housing will be provided in a range of sizes and tenures.

A Unique Opportunity for City Building

The Reimagine Galleria site is one of only a few significantly sized mixed-use sites in the west end of Toronto offering potential for major transformation and city-building, located 850m away from Dufferin Station and 1.2km from the Union Pearson Express.

The Park

Wallace Emerson Park plays a key role in the vitality and vibrancy of the neighbourhood. The Master Plan proposes a significant investment in this fundamental public asset by adding 9,000 sq. m. to the parkland, and re-envisions the park to be an integral part of the present and future community.


Reconsidering movement around the site. The new version for the Reimagine Galleria site consists of a cyclist and pedestrian first community, while also creating new roadways to facilitate the efficient movement of cars and public transit service into and around the site. Several pedestrian-oriented pathways, will provide connect with existing routes surrounding the area in order to foster a true multi-modal community.

Public Realm

The new vision for Galleria offers a diverse range of open spaces, including a large park, linear landscapes, plazas, small greens, and a series of gateways. Building a socially connected community is important, which is why the plan offers a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces for informal and formal community gatherings. At the heart of the Reimagine Galleria site is a 5-Points Plaza, a flexible and inviting gathering space that celebrates the community node legacy of the Galleria Shopping Centre that exists today.

ReimagineGalleria 325,000 2004EntitlementPlan 37,000 GalleriaToday 225,000
A New Retail Experience

Although outdated, the current mall serves an important retail destination for the community. Our vision to build on this success by creating a shopping destination with high quality street treatments, inspired public art, and a large variety of shops. The retail experience is conceived to enable year-round activity, creating vibrant atmosphere for shopping and socializing. A range of retail footprint sizes will support a creative mix of small business and established brands, ensuring both daily needs and specialty interests are met. Retail spaces will be located on the first floor and second storeys of buildings, with space reserved for vital community amenities like a grocery store, liquor store, and pharmacy.

By the numbers:

The current mall is approximately 225,000sq. ft. The 2004 Entitlement Plan only allowed for 37,000 sq. ft. of retail. Our vision is to bring 325,000sq. ft. of retail to the site for the community.

The Terraces

The Terraces will provide a dynamic gateway into the site from Dupont Street. The varied storefronts and generous boulevards will be situated on a street that accommodates pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers, ensuring a safe and pleasant atmosphere for the Reimagine Galleria community.


A World Class Community Centre

The Wallace Emerson Community Centre plays a vital role in the social vibrancy and vitality of Reimagine Galleria. The proposal for Reimagine Galleria envisions a New Community Centre, which will offer increases in terms of size and amenity for the community. The proposed Community centre is a model of Social Progress and City Building, capable of offering a larger menu of activities and integrating housing into the building.


A Complete Community

Reimagine Galleria is a vibrant, mixed-use development that responds to the varying needs of the community by offering a range of housing options, a new community centre, a larger and reprogrammed public park, a mix of retail and office uses, and a variety community amenities.