In response to various comments received, eight key changes have been incorporated into the Revised Proposal.

  • 01
    Building heights, GFA and density have been reviewed.
  • 02
    Tall buildings have been redeployed to create a more sensitive transition to adjacent neighbourhoods.
  • 03
    Street and block pattern has been redesigned to create greater porosity through the site and prominence for the new community centre along Dupont Street.
  • 04
    Wallace Emerson Park has been reconfigured and Points Plaza, a publically accessible open space, has been enlarged.
  • 05
    The public realm has been enhanced and streetscapes refined with emphasis on creating a safe and pedestrian friendly network.
  • 06
    The mix of residential and non-residential types and tenures has been diversified.
  • 07
    The mobility network has been refined, including provision for transit bays within the site and along Dufferin Street.
  • 08
    A conceptual phasing strategy has been developed to achieve zero displacement of the community centre.