Past Events


Past Events


Winter 2016

For decades, the Wallace-Emerson neighbourhood has continued to grow and nurture an eclectic mix of arts & culture, shaping and creating a unique identity for the community. We want to celebrate that! Reimagine Arts & Culture will be highlighting the various independent art galleries, musicians and artisans that contribute to this local vibrancy. Join us at our Collaborative Community Space for exhibits, kid-friendly and adult-only workshops, and more.


Spring 2017

The Wallace-Emerson Community Centre, youth programs and amenities, are valued assets by local residents. From swimming and fitness, to gymnastics and martial arts, the community leads an enriched and active lifestyle. We encourage you to come out and participate with fellow neighbours during the Reimagine Community Recreation series. Take a fitness class with your family and friends, or join our running group. There’s nothing we can’t accomplish when we support one another.


Summer 2017

Over the last few years, Wallace-Emerson has experienced a surge in trendy new restaurants, bars and independent cafés across the neighbourhood. Each with a different cultural taste, these new spots are a welcomed representation of the true diversity within the community itself. Stop by our Reimagine Local Cuisine series, where you’ll enjoy Farmers’ and Artisan Markets, and taste all that the community has to offer.


Fall 2017

Touring the streets of Wallace-Emerson, it’s easy to notice the eclectic mix of retailers and unique shops within the neighbourhood. While each store might have a different story to tell, the atmospheres are consistently warm and spirited. Reimagine The Shopping Experience, where we’ll be showcasing emerging and local businesses, pop-up retailers, and one-of-a-kind artisans.