Evolution of the
reimagine galleria site

The Galleria Shopping Centre site has a rich and varied history. After it was converted from a car manufacturing factory to a suburban shopping centre in 1972, several plans have been considered to relook at its use. The Revised Proposal represents an opportunity to comprehensively consider the next stage of the site’s evolution.

EARLY 1900s


The Galleria Shopping Centre was first owned by Curtiss Canada Aircraft Operations, and used as a factory for WWI airplanes.


columbia gramophone co.

After WWI, the site was sold to the Columbia Gramophone Company.


Automobile factory

Dupont Street was created in 1924, just before the site was redeveloped as an automobile factory – first by Dodge Brother’ in 1925, later by Chrysler in 1928.


Galleria shopping centre

As one of Toronto’s first enclosed malls, the Galleria Shopping Centre had a large draw as a neighbourhood shopping plaza.


City Envisions Housing on Shopping Plaza

The Galleria Shopping Centre was identified as an ideal location for mixed-use development, though the housing concept was never realized.


Entitlement plan

Former landowners of the Galleria Shopping Centre site obtained approvals for 20 stacked townhouses and 1600 residential units in six towers. This plan was never realized, and would have reduced retail space to roughly 15% of what it is today.


Reimagine galleria

The developers purchased the aging shopping centre site in 2015 and have been working with the community, City staff and local councillors to develop a comprehensive framework for the site.


Development approvals

In September 2016, the developers submitted an initial Official Plan Amendment (OPA) and rezoning application to implement a vision for mixed use development, complemented by an exceptional public realm, robust retail and a walkable, family-friendly environment. In response to feedback, a revised proposal was submitted October, 2017 with the goal of completing official plan and zoning amendments in 2018.