Reimagine Galleria:
Overall Vision

Reimagine Galleria will comprehensively transform the current site into a mixed use, high density community with high walkability, robust retail and public spaces. Taking community feedback into consideration, our design has evolved accordingly.

The Revised Proposal is structured around:
five key STRUCTURING moves
01Establish a new diagonal street from Dufferin to Dupont to connect key desire lines.
02Dedicate the lands south of the new diagonal street for public use.
03Introduce an internal network of public and private streets to sustain routes and various modes of transportation.
04Create Points Plaza, a central gathering space at the heart of the Reimagine Galleria site.
05Create a diverse mix of uses including residential, retail, office, civic and recreational.
The Numbers

The new Master Plan will provide:

2,846Residential Units
2,696Condominium Units
150Affordable Units
296,040 SFRetail Space
21,108 SFOffice Space GFA
75,000 SFCommunity Centre
3,595 SPACESCycling infrastructure
7.81 ACRESNewly expanded size Wallace Emerson Park

Current Reimagine Galleria Site