Public Transit
  • The Reimagine Galleria site is located adjacent to area bus services and well within the area of existing and planned higher order transit services and stations. The Revised Proposal aims to facilitate transit travel by enhancing connections to and from existing and planned transit stops, and integrating transit services within the site itself.
  • TTC reviewed and provided comments on the Original 2016 Proposal, and has indicated that service along the Dufferin bus route can be increased and delays mitigated if a bus bay were incorporated along Dufferin between Dupont and the new diagonal street – this lay-by has been incorporated into the Revised Proposal.
  • TTC acknowledged the merit in allowing bus vehicles to loop through the Reimagine Galleria site along the proposed public street system. They also requested that an additional bus bay be provided along the new diagonal street – which has now been incorporated into the Revised Proposal.

An expanded network of pedestrian and cycling connections in and around the site

    The Revised Proposal will feature a mobility network that prioritizes pedestrian circulation and comfort above other transportation modes. All public sidewalks within and adjacent to the site will accommodate a minimum 2.1m pedestrian clearway, to create continuous, universally accessible, barrier-free and clearly designated pedestrian routes.
  • Cycling Connections
    The Revised Proposal supports cycling by providing convenient, safe and accessible cycling facilities on site, including ample bicycle parking designed in accordance with the City’s Guidelines for the Design and Management of Bicycle Parking Facilities, as well as showers, lockers and other amenities in accordance with the Tier 1 requirements of the Toronto Green Standards Checklist. Further, the incorporation of a cycling loop will be explored in the redesign for Wallace Emerson Park.

As requested by City staff, the new community centre has not been illustrated in the Revised Proposal. The design of the new community centre will undertake a separate process, and is not subject to this application. This rendering is subject to change.