The Revised Proposal will feature a mix of condominium and rental housing which will include 150 affordable rental units, comprised of 50% 1-bedrooms, 40% 2-bedrooms, and 10% 3-bedrooms. High quality public and private amenity spaces will be provided for all units.
Located on the first or second storeys of mixed-use buildings, establishing an organic pattern along streets for a varied urban experience.
Residential podiums
Complementary elements located above grade, in response to their location. Total height will be between 7 and 10 storeys along Dupont, and 2 and 8 storeys along Dufferin.
Terraced buildings
Mid-rise built-form elements will frame views onto parks and key open spaces, assists in achieving a transition between the base, podium and towers, and deliver large outdoor amenity spaces.
Tower elements
A number of taller tower elements, ranging in height from 18 to 35 storeys, will be incorporated behind base, podium and terraced elements to preserve a comfortable human scale at grade.
The renderings are artist’s impressions created in accordance with our Revised Proposal and are subject to change without notice.